When you have nothing else to say

There’s something in me that wants to speak out but somehow I’m caught not knowing how to begin a spiel about how things are going with my life.

Refresh and stare.

I’ve been refreshing the blog page for a couple of days now without no end in sight what I really want to achieve while doing this. I guess what I really want is for things to change. Some wonderful thing to happen that I can write things about and be proud of which hasn’t happened for the longest time. I’m expecting for some grand post to change the way things are.

I’ve been trying my best to be better. I’ve been trying my best to be okay but somewhere inside of me I feel I’ve plateaued. I guess I’ve been pushing myself hard to be better these past few months. I know the medication has rendered its help to me. I know I’ve done and I’ve been doing what I can to pick myself up. There are days where I celebrate these victories of zero casualties but I wonder until when will it be like this.


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