A holiday message (for family and friends)


The holidays have been tough. Explaining to people what happened to you for the past few years is an exhausting emotional litany of life’s rollercoasters. If I try to say “Please. Let’s not talk about it”, please do understand that it is quite a struggle to unfold right now. Telling me “But you look okay. Why don’t we talk about it” or “Why are you depending on medication” doesn’t help. As much as I am helping myself, medication has been my scaffolding. I break every now and then. I would really appreciate it if you help me by taking my mind off things for the meantime rather than pressing buttons that would “trigger”–Cognitive Behavioral Therapy if you want to look up at it.

I know you love me, but for the meantime this is the love and understanding I need right now.

Thank you. 


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