The Truth: Literally and Metaphorically

img_4948I kept all the flowers he gave me. Even the petals that have fallen out of place, I kept. I placed everything in a jar next to my bed. They are all stored together with a batch of everlasting lavender flowers that kept its color. They have decorated my room for almost a year now. Call me crazy but I’m sentimental like that. It reminded me of beautiful days so kept it.

Today, I have a new batch of flowers in my room–wonderful red daisies, red roses and a bunch of other red flowers I know nothing about. It was only now that I realized how much the red of the past roses have gone, how ugly the roses have been and how pointless it is to keep it still.
I guess the fox was true when he said that it is the time with the rose that makes your rose so important. I guess the same can be said on why the rose meant so special and important that despite its ugliness, I continue to keep it.

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