When we segregate schools better than our garbage waste disposal

School segregation is a worldwide phenomena which persists not only through issues of race but also through differences of gender, sexual orientation, disability status and numerous lesser divides. It is a more than just an educational issue but a “social” issue. It is an issue of “Privilege” at the expense of others that causes division and results in suffering and deprivation of rights of other people. “We” have culturally created “divisions”–prisons to something of our own making. Our environments are designed in ways to make biases for people with different conditions and to make it difficult, if not impossible, for one to access not just education but in total “rights”. Truth is, most of us will be indifferent towards issues of “segregation” or “division” unless we ourselves are part of it. It has been part of our nature to turn our face towards the opposite direction so to speak as there is nothing frightening about something we don’t know–A privileged way of thinking. “Why would one even care to solve such an issue if one isn’t affected by it anyways?” It is unfortunate that one who is privileged do not see how important their role is in breaking these “barriers” and stereotypes unless they make the problem of privilege their problem and do something about it–talk about privileged people taking initiative in how privilege operates and affects everyone in the world.

As an educator, I have always believed in the idea that schools are miniature reflection of societies–unfortunately these societies have taught us inexplicitly the dangers of being identified with anything other than what is “privileged”. Privilege has caused division and has set people against one another. We are all social beings who seek to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Instead of creating divisions, can we treat one another with decency and respect? We don’t need to love one another, or even like one another. Is it not possible to work together or just share space in the world? We need to stop putting labels and creating or feeding societies’ bullies. With all the hate in the world, we don’t need to divide ourselves to add more to it.

I know I am imagining utopia with this and that I am deeply affected by this episode as I deeply advocate for the rights and equality of all, not only to education, but as humans who live under one sky.

*deep sigh*


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